Phono cartridges

Lyra cartridge Stanton cartridge Linn cartridge Dynavector cartridge
Clearaudio cartridge Grado cartridge Van den Hul cartridge Audio Technica cartridge
Ortofon cartridge Shure cartridge Bang and Olufsen cartridge
hifi turntable
A turntable uses a phono cartridge to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is processed through your stereo system and then output intelligibly through your speakers. A high-quality cartridge is essential for good sound.

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Graham tonearm Linn tonearm SME tonearm Clearaudio tonearm
Oracle tonearm Dynavector tonearm Rega tonearm Roksan tonearm
Bluenote tonearm Kuzma tonearm J.A.Michell tonearm Audioquest tonearm
hifi turntable
For best performance, the tonearm and cartridge must be matched. All cartridges will not work with all tonearms, and vice versa. To insure a proper match, one must be aware of the mechanical specifications of both the arm and phono cartridge. To see how these characteristics interact and determine compatibility, we must first understand the dynamics of the relationship. Any cartridge/tonearm combination will exhibit resonance at a specific frequency (or frequencies). This resonance is due to the interaction of the cartridge (acting as a spring), and the weight of the arm (acting as a mass). The "springiness" of the phono cartridge is described as compliance, the weight of the arm is specified in mass.


Kuzma turntable Rega turntable Linn turntable Wilson-Benesch turntable
Clearaudio turntable Sota turntable Thorens turntable VPI turntable Stanton turntable
hifi turntable
Whether you are a DJ who loves spinning records or an audiophile who prefers vinyl rather than CDs, the sound quality of high-fidelity turntable will be music to your ears.

Tube Preamplifiers & Amplifiers

Vac amplifier Antique Sound Lab amplifier McIntosh amplifier Convergent amplifier
Vtl amplifier Golden Tube Audio amplifier Jadis amplifier
Manley amplifier Conrad Johnson amplifier Audio Research amplifier
hifi tube valve amplifier
Tube Amplifiers were the first, simplest, and in my opinion still the best amplifiers. Their sound is wonderful, in part, because they are simple. The best in this category is called a single ended Class A triode amplifier. Usually one output tube is used, and the plate is connected to one wire on the primary winding of an output transformer while the other wire of the output transformer primary winding is connected to the power supply. Usually about 5 to 30 watts of output can be obtained from these tiny mites. Don't be fooled by the lower output - the sound is marvelous.

Cassette Decks

Nakamichi cassette deck Revox cassette deck Tandberg cassette deck Bang & Olufsen cassette deck Alpine cassette deck
hifi cassette deck
I lean toward 3-head decks because in most cases they perform better than comparable quality 2-head decks. With an individual head dedicated to playback and record they can each be optimized to best performance. Also, the ability to monitor the playback while recording can be extremely useful in use and calibration.

Reel to Reel Recorders

Revox open reel recorder Tandberg open reel recorder
hifi reel to reel recorder
Reel to Reel recorders have a long history, originally invented in Germany in the 1920's, the format used today is a development of the tape format conceived by German companies Telefunken and BASF in 1934. Although most R2R recorders are analogue there exist digital recorders as well, electromechanically the only difference between the digital recorders and the analogue ones lies in the heads, ordinary tape heads are fine sandwiches of magnets but the heads on digital recorders are usually lithographed.

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Stanton 500 E cartridge
Stanton 680 HIFI cartridge
Stanton 681 EEE cartridge
Stanton 881 MK cartridge
Stanton L720 cartridge
Stanton groovemaster cartridge

Kuzma Stabi XL
Kuzma Stabi Turnetable
Kuzma Stabi S Turnetable
Kuzma Stogi Reference
Kuzma Stogi Tonearm
Kuzma Stogi S Tonearm
Stanton str8 80 turntable
Stanton str8 100 turntable
Stanton str8 20 turntable
Stanton str8 150 turntable
Stanton str8 60 turntable
Stanton smx 201 mixer
Stanton smx 301 mixer
Stanton smx 401 mixer
Stanton c303 / Stanton c304 cd player
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Revox Tape Recorders
Revox A77 Tape Recorder
Revox B77 Tape Recorder
Revox B750 Amplifier
Revox B760 Tuner
Revox B790 Turntable
Revox B215 Cassette Deck
Revox B710 Cassette Deck
Revox Service Manuals
Mcintosh Tube Amplifiers
Mcintosh MC275 Amplifier
Mcintosh MC2105 Amplifier
Nakamichi cassette decks
Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck
Nakamichi 1000 cassette deck
Nakamichi ZX7 cassette deck
Nakamichi BX 300 cassette deck
Nakamichi CD300 CD Player
Nakamichi CD400 CD Player
Nakamichi CD500 CD Player
Nakamichi CD700 CD Player
Nakamichi MB75 CD Player
Nakamichi MB100 CD Player
Nakamichi VU29 Display
Alpine CD Players
Alpine CDM 7874 CD Player
Alpine CVA 1006 CD Player
Alpine MRD M1000 Amplifier
Alpine DVA 7996 dvd Receiver
Alpine DVA 5205 dvd receiver
Alpine CDA 7873 CD Player
Alpine CDE 7870 CD Player
Alpine NVE N852A Navigation System
Alpine CDA 9807 CD Player
Alpine TDM 7561 Cassette Player
Alpine TDM 7580 Cassette Player
Alpine CDA 7863 CD Player