Kuzma Stogi S

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kuzma stogi
The Kuzma Stogi Tonearm is a very rigid medium mass tonearm with precision ball bearings which, while withstanding very heavy loads, displays extremely low starting and running friction and noise levels. The main frame and all other parts are machined from solid aluminium blocks. Some parts are anodised and some are not, in order to help control tonearm resonance. The headshell provides a stable cartridge mounting, while the internally damped tube connects this to the massive bearing parts where any vibration or noise is dispersed.
kuzma stogi s
The Kuzma Stogi S Tonearm is of a unipivot design with a unique, rigid headshell made from a solid aluminium block and a base of solid brass which control all vibration and facilitate stability of the tonearm as a whole. All parts of the arm are machined from blocks of solid metal, in order to provide damping and minimise resonance. The polished pivot point is sited in an oil well, which provides extremely low friction and bearing vibration. The height is at record level for optimum tracking. The silicone damping,controls resonance of the cartridge and also gives stability in azimuth direction.
kuzma stogi ref
The Kuzma Stogi Reference Tonearm While similar in construction to the Stogi, this tonearm incorporates a conical tube and the vertical bearings have a highly damped brass housing. The conical tube is internally damped and divided into two parts which, while further aiding damping, also allows for easy azimuth adjustment. A special mechanism, using a simple Allen key, allows the tube to be rotated back and forth in minimal increments with no air gap. This mechanism is submerged in silicone grease for further damping. A marker line clearly shows the azimuth position and facilitates use, while allowing for repeated adjustments. Tonearm geometry, bearing, wires and other parts are the same as Stogi and effective mass differs only slightly.
kuzma stogi
The Kuzma Air Line Tonearm is latest design of analogue tonearm; a linear tangential arm incorporating air bearing which ensures practically zero friction in movements, while still maintaining a rigid bearing. The cartridge is thus maintained in a position the same as the cutting head. The Kuzma AIR LINE tonearm is the result of a combination of experience making top class conventional radial tonearms and new research into air bearing technology. The air bearing used is the same type as those used in precision measuring and tool making machines which demand the highest accuracy possible in frictionless movement and positioning. The gap between the shaft and bearing is only 10 microns of a mm. Pressurised air is supplied by the quietest compressors available with air-drying unit and it is best positioned outside listening room connected by only a thin plastic tube. The AIR LINE tonearm also has a rigid, minimally resonating aluminium structure and is easy to adjust, with repeatable VTA and azimuth adjustments. We believe that using the AIR LINE tonearm will be the single greatest leap you could make to improve the quality of sound reproduction in your analogue system.
kuzma stogi
Introducing MC cartridge named Kuzma KC REF Cartridge sourced from Japan ..It is one of the best cartridges in the world and is a fine match for Kuzma tonearms.
Type: Moving Coil stereo phonograph cartridge
Magnetic Circuits: Powerful samarium cobalt magnet and soft iron armature with High purity OFC coils
Output Voltage: 0.5mV at 1Khz under 5cm/sec velocity
Cantilever: Aluminum-cladded boron
Stylus: 7x18 microns diamond elliptical
Tracking Force: 1.8-2.0 grams
Compliance: 9 cu
Body: Special aluminum alloy housing
Loading Impedance: 100-2000 Ohm
Frequency Response: 10-50.000 Hz
Channel Balance: 1.5dB at 1 Khz
Channel Separation: 30dB at 1 Khz
Weight: 9 grams
Break-in period: min. 40 hours
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